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celavsky-photo-crop“One thing that really drew me to Find Your Voice is the fact that it doesn’t focus on one certain form of yoga. For me, when I was evaluating training programs, this was a big factor.  I wanted to be able to get a strong foundation to understand all the key elements to help me as a yoga teacher, but I wanted to be able to explore different types of yoga on my own to see what would be the best fit for me.  Julie’s materials really laid that great foundation for me.” Christy E.

Christy E.

For me, it was the perfect blend of philosophy, asana, pranayama, and hands-on training. Julie provided not only quality course content, but she also shared her nurturing personality and incredible expertise. All those factors combined made the program extremely worth-while. At the conclusion of the training, I felt completely confident to go out and share my new skills with the community.”

Brigid M.

“My experience with the yoga teacher training was great. To me it was perfect, just what I was looking for to make up my YTT 200 hours. It was convenient and flexible. Training only on weekends made it easier to work around the hours when you have children. I was very happy with the whole experience and made really good friends in the process!”

Mindy N.

A bit about Find Your Voice Yoga Teacher Training

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Find Your Voice Yoga Teacher Training was created because I truly believe that everyone has something unique and valuable to bring to teaching yoga. In addition to learning posture details and how to create class sequences in training, by focusing on finding your own voice, you learn to teach from the place of your greatest strength. Throughout training, our discussions and journaling come back to this idea and it’s importance for yoga teachers.

Personally, I’ve been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 1999, starting with hot yoga in Kansas City, MO. I absolutely loved it and was absolutely hooked! Soon after starting, I added Ashtanga to my practice and now most frequently practice a Vinyasa style.

With a couple other teachers, I opened my first studio in 2000 in Kansas City and during that same year created a website called YogaKC.com, which was a directory of studios in the Kansas City area. I wanted everyone to know about this really cool thing called yoga.

Since my family is what I call ‘corporate mobile’, we’ve made a few job-related moves (Denver, Dallas and now Tampa) and that’s when I started Apollo Beach Yoga here in the Tampa area in 2009. Before our most recent move (this time, just across town, yay!), I sold the studio to another teacher who has kept it alive and well and growing even more!

I completed both my RYT 200 and 500 in Dallas, TX at Purple Lotus Yoga and also served as Assistant Director of Training for that program in 2008. Find Your Voice Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance registered RYS 200 and has been training fabulous teachers since 2010.

Contact me at here to find out more. We’d love to see you in our next training session!

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